The broad expertise and areas of focus represented by ACP members have ensured a rich dialogue in regard to the components, mechanisms, trajectories, and consequences of racism and colonialism in Canada. Several starting points and themes inform all project work. ACP members believe that Canada is a white settler colony built on the expropriation of Indigenous land, erasure of Indigenous histories, and ongoing colonization. The project takes a firm stance against narratives of Canadian multiculturalism, and assumes that multicultural approaches oversimplify race and colonization; deny the experiences of racial minorities; and make it difficult if not impossible to address the consequences of colonization and racial inequity in Canada. In the context of racism and colonialism in Canada, the project foregrounds several themes, including: accumulation, violence, white identity, positionality, the informal and formal workings of power, and the ongoing, relational, and intersectional nature of colonialism and other forms of oppression.